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Come and be part of the Mobile Macro Meals Club!



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Job Description:
The sous chef is essential to the chef and the efficacy of the Mobile Macro Meals Club program. The sous chef will assist the main chef in the kitchen with prepping and chopping produce, assisting in cooking the meals, keeping the kitchen organized, and cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. The ideal candidate is an efficient worker with a positive attitude, a joyful spirit, a team player, an interest in healthy eating, and some experience in the kitchen. The sous will be working in a healing environment and their energy and attitude in the kitchen should reflect that.

3 days a week, 25-30 hours expected.


  • Knife skills

  • No professional experience is required, but someone who has home cooking experience at a minimum is desired.

  • Ability to work as part of a team


  • Sous chef will assist in the execution of MMMC program.

  • Follow the chef's guidance and collaborate as a team

  • Follows health, safety and sanitation guidelines for all products

  • Performing additional tasks requested by the team

  • Set up and maintain an organized and clean work station

  • Wash and chop produce

  • Clean delivery containers and set them up to be ready to plate and pack

  • Participate in social media support and promotion. Mobile Macro Meals Instagram, You Can Heal You Facebook & Instagram

Sous Chef will represent himself/herself in a professional manner:

  • Arrive on time – have own transportation

  • Hair pulled back and/or covered

  • Clean apron

  • Knife, cutting board if applicable

Sous Chef will be expected to:

  • Review & follow client chart notes for total number of meals to be cooked for each cooking day

  • Menu/recipes- sous chef will receive the weekly menu to be aware of what will be cooked on that day. Menus are property of MMMC and not to be shared or dispensed without permission.

  • Will attend team meetings

  • Keep track of hours and submit monthly for duration of contract

  • Kitchen to be entered clean and left clean


  • Opportunity to work in an uplifting, supportive, passionate, and creative environment dedicated to helping others.  

  • One macrobiotic meal with each shift

  • Access to Macrobiotic Health Guidance after 6 months

  • Opportunity to work /study with Virginia Harper in conjunction with special programs/workshops (Attendance in return for assistance)

  • Exposure to a community of like-minded people  

If this opportunity is for you, please email for more details.


We invite you to volunteer with our meal delivery club.

Your act of kindness will help support the MMMC mission and bless many.

You have the choice of assisting the chefs with food prep and container prep. Or help with the food delivery to the participant's home or office. 

You will get one meal to take home (please supply your 4 8oz. containers) and access to a nurturing and learning environment.

If this opportunity is for you, please email for more details.


Job Description:

Our Meal Club delivery drivers are the essential link between the chef, the food, and our members. They carry our meals in the same positive, healing energy in to members within a 25 mile radius of the kitchen every Monday and Thursday afternoon. If you enjoy driving, are organized, and want to play vital role in the mission of the Club, you are who we are looking for!


1 or 2 days a week (Mondays and/or Thursdays), 3-5 hours each day


  • Car insurance

  • Clean, reliable vehicle

Delivery Driver will be expected to:

  • Pick up meals when they are completed

  • Organize data regarding returned containers, miles driven

  • Organize delivery route to optimize efficiency

  • Deliver meals to homes, possibly interacting with clients upon delivery in a gracious, courteous manner


  • Hourly + per-mile compensation

  • One meal from the day to take home and enjoy!

If this opportunity is for you, please email for more details.


Join our efforts

Beyond Recycling…

At Mobile Macro Meals, we are a truly holistic based company. That means every aspect of our efforts is not just towards the health of body, mind and spirit, but the environment too. We are BIG on recycling, however, there is a big misconception about recycling. The amount of energy it takes to transport “recyclable material” to the plant, which is running on a great deal of energy, and the actual process of melting to transform the glass into… new glass, is a bit counterproductive. Just because something is recyclable, doesn’t mean it’s the best answer for the environment. There is SO MUCH glass circulating around the world, and we feel there is no need to create more when we can simply re-use what we already have.


Join Our Efforts!

We’re asking you to join us in recycling the jars you commit to using for your meals.  Conserve energy and help Mother Earth. Our glass (and other containers) are properly sanitized in our commercial kitchen, and each client receives the same measured out portion.

If you would like to donate 16-ounce Ball jars for the soups, those would be the highest priority. We will accept smaller jars for sauces or treat samples.

You can return your extra glass jars back to us in your MMM delivery bags.

We truly appreciate your efforts to honor and protect our environment!

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