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MAC Snacks are currently undergoing some exciting updates for you, our wonderful clients! We apologize for the inconvenience. Please check back here as ordering will resume soon! Thank you for understanding!

MAC Snack Options for 2023!

Our mission and passion are to provide nourishing, balancing foods that won’t disappoint your tastebuds!

With our new offering of custom-ordered, handmade snacks & treats, you’ll be consuming healing superfoods even when snack attacks arrive.

These treats are vegan and free of refined sugars, oils, gluten, artificial ingredients, and preservatives. They are FULL of whole foods and macrobiotic-inspired ingredients. Check our updates for seasonal selections and holiday options!  

(*minimum order of 3 per item is required for the order to be filled, and a delivery charge may be applied)

SUNstenance, LLC creates our snacks and treats. They also offer holistic vegan, gf, oil-free desserts & treats for any special occasion. Contact them at and tell them MMMC sent you.

Nori Granola (Rotating flavors) 6oz $15

*Puffed millet and/or puffed rice, *whole grain oats, *sprouted pumpkin seeds, *dried goji berries, *nori, *tamari, *brown rice syrup, *white miso, *black sesame gomashio, *ginger, *cinnamon, *monk fruit.

*organic ingredients

MACrackers (Rotating flavors) 6oz $15

*Ancient grain gf flour, blessed moon water, *tahini, nutritional yeast, *brown rice syrup, *turmeric, *dried herbs, dulse flakes, *tamari, *garlic, *black sesame gomashio

*organic ingredients

Azuki Bean Brownie Bites 1 Dozen $15

*Azuki beans, cacao powder, *buckwheat or teff flour, blessed moon water, *unsweetened almond milk, *unrefined coconut crystals, *mini dark chocolate chips, dates, *chia/flax, sea salt, *vanilla, *cinnamon, *monkfruit

*organic ingredients

Medicinal Mushroom Beet Brownies 1 Dozen $15

*Teff flour, *fresh grated beet root, blessed moon water, *cacao powder, *unrefined coconut crystals, *dark chocolate chips, *fruiting body mushroom extract blend; reishi/cordyceps/maitake/lion’s mane/chaga/turkey tail, *vanilla, aluminum free baking soda, sea salt

*organic ingredients

Carrot and Roasted Dandelion Root Cookies 1 Dozen/$15

*Fresh grated carrot, *ancient grain gf flour, *unsweetened almond milk, *roasted local

dandelion root brewed in blessed moon water, *unrefined coconut crystals, *cinnamon, *cardamom, sea salt

*organic ingredients

Triple Ginger MACerdoodle Cookies 1 Dozen $15

*Ancient grain gf flour, *unsweetened plant milk, blessed moon water, *unrefined coconut crystals, *chia/flax, kuzu boiled in blessed moon water, ginger juice, ginger powder, crystalized ginger, *cinnamon, *vanilla, aluminum free baking powder, *monkfruit/ stevia, sea salt

*organic ingredients

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