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Skilled and Passionate Chefs 

at Your Service

Get in touch with us at Mobile Macro Meals Club through phone or email 

to sign up for our macrobiotic meal plan.

Meet the Owner

Virginia Harper is the author of Controlling Crohn's the Natural Way and founder of You Can Heal meal at a time. 

She was motivated to start the home-cooked macrobiotic meal delivery program in 1997 to help people ease into healthier food choices. 

Through her own healing experience, she found that each meal, when prepared intentionally and conscientiously offers immune-building properties to rebuild microbiome and the nutritional raw materials the body utilizes to return to homeostasis.


Mobile Macro Meals Club (MMMC) is a longstanding enterprise, and we are pleased to present a weekly and bi-weekly healing meal plan for pick-up or delivery.

Now you and your family or friends can conveniently enjoy high-quality seasonal macrobiotic meals prepared fresh delivered to your door. Virginia's desire to create community is expressed in the care and intention of providing locally sourced foods to include Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and farmers.

Sharing food and education is what stimulates support and motivation to sustain a healthy lifestyle. MMMC provides a robust library of ingredients, menus, and an online means for our members to interact with us and each other concerning our services and good food in general.


Meet the Team

Anna - Chef

Sami - YCHY Client Care Coordinator

Mary - MMMC Coordinator

Ananya & Robby - Chefs

Susan - Media Coordinator


What’s in a Meal?

Each meal from Mobile Macro Meals Club in Nashville, Tennessee consists of four courses prepared fresh on the day of pick-up. Typically, we'll create the courses with the intention of representing major food groups such as:

  • Proteins (Tempeh, Hempeh, Tofu, Legumes, Seeds, and Nuts etc.)
  • Starches (Gluten-free; Whole Grains, Noodles, etc.)
  • Vegetables (Fresh, Seasonal, Organic, Local)
  • Soup (Miso based; light broths, stews, purees)

Variety is expressed by creative food combinations, such as a bean dish mixed with vegetables. Sometimes we use combinations like enchiladas, which contain both the protein and starch groups. The character of the meals changes seasonally as we respect nature's timely bounty!

What We Emphasize


Our menus are conceived and prepared according to general macrobiotic principles. This means taking into account factors such as our location, the time of year, local availability, and the assurance that meals are cooked in a peaceful environment.


Our dishes amount to a nutritionally and energetically balanced approach to diet while being digestive friendly, blood sugar stable and alkalizing. 


 From specialized preparations to baby food all provided by private chefs and our affiliate  We respect food sensitivities and assign one of the meal prep days to satisfy personal needs. 


We will use only organic quality foods whenever possible.


We acquire whatever we can from local sources such as local farms, CSAs and our own gardens.


We strive to use only the freshest available ingredients and to cook everything on the day the food will be consumed.


We respect food sensitivities and assign one of the meal prep days to satisfy personal needs.

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